The mission of Flamingo Cocktail Club & Coffee Bar (a.k.a The FCC Group) is to bring together communities. Whether it is over a cup of coffee or a cocktail, ideas are exchanged, friendships are forged and memories are made.

The cocktail program for Flamingo will feature a seasonal cocktail menu. Specially crafted by renowned bartenders and owners Angela Laino, Alexis Soler and their team. While the Coffee Bar seizes the day with owner Andy Knepshield with a bold approach on classic coffee. Their dedication to craft, execution, flavor profiles and presentation is something to be admired.

The menu will seasonally feature local designers and creatives highlighting their talents- from hair and makeup, interior installation, performance, costumes and uniforms. Live musical performance throughout the week will be carefully curated to move your feet and soul.

With a prevailing concern in minimal waste and green business practices The FCC Group strives to make a positive impact on its community through the use of only compostable, biodegradable, organic and recyclable materials. As well as opening its venue to workshops and events that engage the community.